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Cosmetic Consultation is a service we offer to patients so we can understand what it is they would like improved about their smile and to advise them on how this may be achieved.

This could be for a tooth colour match for a crown, discussing improvements to dentures, whether implants would be beneficial for providing a full smile design proposal.

A colour  match  In order to make a crown we need to know which colour to make it.  This is our process which ensures we get the correct colour.  First we use a Digital Photo Spectrometer (DPS) to measure the base colour or shade of the tooth.  A DPS is a small hand held device that shines a small beam of light into your tooth and tells us the colour.  We measure the colour at the neck, the centre and incisal edge of the tooth as each third of the tooth has a variance in base shade colour. 


We confirm colour with a shade tab (a colour sample) and take a few photographs so we can see how to replicate the tooth.  We note any other colours that might be present in the tooth. How translucent the tooth is and where. We also note any light behaviours like fluorescence, opalescence, iridescence or light absorption.  All of these intricacies are what makes a crown look natural and what we hope to emulate.

Denture consultationMany or patients like to come to see us and to discuss issues with their current dentures or questions about getting a new set of denture.  These issues may include troubles eating , a loose fitting denture or the appearance of their denture.  This helps us know how we can help you and making sure you get the service you require.


A Make Over or "Smile Design" is a process of improving someone's smile and is usually when a patient wants a dramatic change to his/her appearance.

This could be achieved by veneering multiple teeth and in some cases may require multiple dental restorations including crowns, bridges, veneers or implants to achieve the necessary result.

When starting a makeover case the dentist will assess your existing situation and discuss the expectations you have for your new smile design. They will take impressions and send them to us along with the information gathered from your consultation. 


Once we have received the impressions and fabricated the models the we can make a proposal of your smile design. This can be done solely through your dentist or with direct consultation with us as well. 

A Smile Design can be achieved using traditional impressions and models and also with our new CADD/CAM technology, a Digital Smile Design Using our computer Software, 3D impressions, photographs and information obtained through consultations, with patient and dentist, we can generate a visual proposal of what your new smile could be. This technology gives you the assurance, prior to starting dental procedures, that a smile makeover is right for you.  It also gives us all the information we need to ensure the proposed and final smile design met your expectations.

If you would like to book in for a consultation or have any questions

about our  services please click the link below to make an enquiry.

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