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DEVINE SMILE DESIGN is a family owned and operated business that provides top of the range dental restorations and prostheses.

Andrew Devine is a clinical dental technician and provides denture services directly to the public.  We also offer denture services to dentists in combination with implant or crown and bridge cases.

We use the best quality acrylics available and can customise these with subtle shade differences to match natural gum colour.  One pink does not suit everyone.

Our high quality denture teeth are acrylic/ceramic hybrids which are long lasting and more aesthetic than standard denture teeth.

In nature, teeth aren't all one colour so we blend and customise denture teeth to give a natural appearance. 

Typically it can take three to six appointments for dentures to be made. Much of this depends on you and your requirements. There are the clinical and technical aspects of denture making that must be satisfied to ensure good function of dentures but aesthetics, "looks' are customer-driven. Images of what you want to look like are useful and we also have resources available to help you make your decision. 

As well as manufacturing dentures we also provide denture repair, reline and tooth addition services.

Any questions about us or our services

please feel free to call or send us a message.




06 844 8024


5/62 Munroe street


New Zealand


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