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A Dental Implant requires a surgical procedure to place a​ fixture, much like a tooth root, in your jaw.  The fixture is made of titanium which after time osseointegrates or "fuses" with your bone.  After the implant has successfully integrated with your bone,  3-4 months, we can make a permanent restoration to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

When you lose a tooth, bone and tissue loss and movement of adjacent and opposing teeth begins to occur .This will continue unless halted by some type of intervention such as placement of dental implants.  

Placement of an implant near the time of tooth extraction can minimise and stabilise any bone and tissue loss as well as tooth movement.  If all teeth are lost, as well as bone and tissue loss, there will be  a considerable loss of bite force. 



A lack of bite force can mean you are unable to enjoy some of the foods you once loved. This is a common complaint among denture wearers.

Having implants placed and the correct dental restoration made means these bite forces can be restored and many issues around denture wearing resolved. There are numerous implant options available whether you are replacing one tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth.

Devine Smile Design is family owned Napier, Hawkes Bay based dental laboratory with 30 years of experience in dental implants.  With our state of the art digital dental laboratory, Devine Smile Design can provide the best quality implant restoration available.

If you are interested in or have any questions about dental implants 

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