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Dentures are a removable prosthesis for people who have missing teeth.  There are two common types of dentures, a partial denture when there are some teeth missing or a full denture when all the teeth in the same arch have been lost.

Partial Dentures are used when one or several teeth are missing.  As there are still natural teeth present we ensure the denture teeth  we use match your remaining teeth. Same colour and shape resulting in a harmonious smile.  We use the best materials and technology available to ensure dentures are retentive and comfortable.

Full Dentures are used when all of your natural teeth are missing.  They are typically made from an acrylic base, which makes up the gum coloured part of the denture, and preformed acrylic or ceramic teeth. With full dentures we have the opportunity to recreate the smile you once had or to give you the dream smile you have always wanted.  

An Implant Retained Denture is a denture retained using dental implants.  In some situations even after best efforts are made dentures may not stay in place. If there has been significant gum or bone loss there may not be enough anatomy to hold the denture in place. Dental Implants can be used to make dentures more retentive and comfortable.

We use the best quality acrylics available and can customise these with subtle shade differences to match natural gum colour.

One pink does not suit everyone.

Our high quality denture teeth are acrylic/ceramic hybrids which are long lasting and more aesthetic than standard denture teeth.

In nature, teeth aren't all one colour so we blend and customise denture teeth to give a natural appearance.   

As well as manufacturing dentures we also provide denture repair, reline and tooth addition services.

Getting a new Denture

Andrew Devine is a Clinical Dental Technician and makes dentures directly to the public.  This includes consultation, impression taking through to the fitting of dentures.  Please phone in and make an appointment. 

Typically it can take three to six appointments for dentures to be made. Much of this depends on you and your requirements. There are the clinical and technical aspects of denture making that must be satisfied to ensure good function of dentures but aesthetics, "looks' are customer-driven. Images of what you want to look like are useful and we also have resources available to help you make your decision.


At a "try in" appointment the denture teeth are set up in wax and you can try in the denture to see what you think. This is your time say so if you would like any changes made to the denture,  Andrew doesn't take this personally and would rather you have a denture that makes you happy than not saying anything.  Changes can be easily made and you will have another chance to see the denture in place before we proceed.  Once you are happy we can process and finish the denture ready for you to wear home. 


New dentures can take time to get used to so if you need adjustments made, phone in and Andrew will usually see you within 24 hours.

If you are interested in or have any questions about your denture

or getting a new denture please click the link below.

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