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Occlusal splints are also known as Bite Raising Appliances (BRA).  We make several sorts ranging from simple vinyl mouthguard-types to more complex Michigan Splints.  They help treat a variety of conditions such as bruxism, TMJ disorders, facial pain, tinnitus, migraine and stress-related headaches.


Dental Sleep Medicine Devices are also known as Mandibular Repositioning Appliances (MRA).  They are used to treat sleep apnoea and snoring.  In our laboratory we make Scheu Tap-T appliances.  The Tap-T splint keeps the lower jaw forward, prevents the tongue from falling back and keeps the airways open

We make these devices under prescription from dentists and specialists. 



Typically once you receive your referral/prescription you will phone us to make an appointment. At the initial appointment Andrew will explain what the dentist/specialist is wanting to achieve from you wearing a BRA or MRA. Andrew will take impressions and record how you bite together.  In the case of a MRA Andrew also needs to record a bite with the lower jaw protruding forward at least 6 - 8mm. Within a week we will get you back to fit the appliance. If there are ever any issues with your appliance phone in and Andrew will see you within 24 hours to make adjustments.

If you are interested in or have any questions about our occlusal or

dental sleep medical devices or any of our other services please

click the link below to make an enquiry.

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