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A Crown is a type of dental restoration which "caps" or encircles a tooth or dental implant abutment. A crown may be needed when a large cavity threatens the health of a tooth or to protect the tooth after a root canal treatment. They are typically custom made by Dental Technicians and bonded/cemented by your Dentist.  With our state of the art dental laboratory we can offer the best materials for the situation and for the best results possible.


A Bridge is a type of restoration used for replacing a missing tooth or teeth.  Typically the teeth either side of the missing tooth are crowned and a bridging tooth replaces the gap. In some cases only one tooth may be prepared and a cantilever bridge may be

a better option. 


A Maryland Bridge  is a restoration used when a tooth is missing.  The tooth or teeth either side of the missing tooth are minimally prepared. In this situation a thin wing is enough to support a bridging tooth to close the gap. 

Inlay/Onlays are restorations custom made by dental technicians when a cavity is too large to be filled by a dentist chair side.

Made with the best materials available this strengthens your natural tooth while having a natural appearance.


We have a State of The Art  Dental Laboratory with In-House CADD/CAM Technology which means we have full control of the design and materials used to make the most reliable restorations possible. 

Gold, PFM, Zirconia, e.Max/Glass Ceramics, Composites, Hybrids, PMMA or Printed Resins are available.


If you are interested in or have any questions about dental implants 

or any of our other services please click the link below to make an enquiry.

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