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​Digital Dentistry is the use of dental technologies, Computer Aided Dental Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CADD/CAM), to produce dental restorations. 

Our State of The Art Dental Laboratory with In-House CADD/CAM and 3D Printing Technology allows us full control of design and materials. This enables us to provide the most reliable restorations possible with either traditional impressions or a complete digital workflow. 

CADD/CAM gives us access to zirconia, e.max/glass ceramics, composites, hybrids, PMMA, Printed CrCo for PFM and partial dentures and printed resins.  CADD/CAM solutions and materials are evolving at a rate of knots and investment in this sector allows us to provide you with the best, up-to-date dental restorations available


A Digital Smile Design is a diagnostic tool that is used to show the patient, dentist and technician what the patient's current situation is and how it can be improved.  We discuss with patients any issues they have with their smile and how they would like their smile improved.  We take two photos of the patient and if necessary a set of impressions (either digitally with an intraoral scanner or a traditional impression).  This information is imported into our CADD/CAM software. 


With the software we use the photographs and impressions to construct a digital proposal of what the patient's new smile could be.  This is in the form of a before and after photograph and we can also 3D print models of the current and proposed situation.  This helps patients visualise their new smile and gives assurance that the proposal is right for them .  If the patient and dentist are happy with our initial proposal we can start the process.  Any modifications, if necessary, are easily made. The dentist and/or patient can visit the lab to view the adjustments, or images can be emailed to the dentist and/or patient.  A digital smile design is an extra step taken to ensure that the patient, dentist and technician have the same expectations and that all the information is available to the technician to ensure he delivers the patient's dream smile.

Digital Dentures are the same as conventional dentures and made using Computer Aided Dental Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CADD/CAM) technology.  New software has been developed which means, in most cases, dentures can now be designed using CADD systems and are 3D printed, milled or a combination of the two.  Making conventional dentures is a hands on, relatively lengthy process which is the reason for the cost.  This new technology speeds up the design process and our CAM systems enables us to use more cost effective materials and produce them in less time.   Although we use some of the best materials available for our digital dentures they are not as long lasting as conventional dentures, Digital dentures are a great option for people who are on a tight budget or want a second set as a back up.

If you are interested in or have any questions about digital dentistry 

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