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DEVINE SMILE DESIGN is a family owned and operated business that provides top of the range dental restorations.

We can provide hand crafted dental restorations, our Niho Premium Range, and thanks to CADD/CAM technology we can also provide top quality, production style restorations at an affordable price.

We have a State of The Art Dental Laboratory with In-House CADD/CAM Technology which means we have full control of the design and materials used to make the most reliable restorations possible.  These include Gold, PFM, Zirconia, eMax/Glass Ceramics, Composites, Hybrids, PMMA or Printed Resins.

Andrew Devine is a Clinical Dental Technician and provides denture services directly to the public.  We also offer denture services to Dentists in combination with implant or crown and bridge cases.

Our NIHO PREMIUM RANGE is our high end, hand crafted range of dental restorations. Niho elevates our standard quality veneer, implant crown or denture to another level, a level where we aim to emulate nature, the tooth, niho in Maori.

When choosing a Niho restoration it requires a much higher level of consultation between Patient, Dentist and Technician.  It means we take extra care, materials and measures to ensure we achieve a great result.  Photography,  diagnostic images, models and materials with the closest optical properties to natural teeth are  used to achieve this.

With over 40 years of experience, state of the art technology, tried and tested diagnostic tools, the best materials available and dogged determination we can provide your client with the best smile possible.

Any questions about us or our services

please feel free to call or send us a message.




06 844 8024


5/62 Munroe street


New Zealand


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